Entry #1

Whoo! Introductions!

2014-10-23 20:35:42 by Sir-Bombers

Hey all...


I'm Sir Bombers. I usually reside in Deviant Art and specialize in artwork that caters to Foot Fetish and Tickling Kink enthusiasts. I'm here to see all of the awesome stuff that is produced here on NG.


I you're in to the particular fetishes mentioned above and want to see my artwork, check out my Deviantart page here... http://sir-bombers.deviantart.com/

Stay awesome my friends.


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2014-10-23 22:11:56

Yay - nice to see you Sir Bombers! Your characters and creative vision are a fascinating inspiration. Wonderful, deep & thought out character development, and of course I'm especially happy for my giggle to be featured along with Teeva's debut here on Newgrounds. <3

Sir-Bombers responds:

Hey there! Great to speak with you again!

I try my best with my characters and story... Everyday gives me new inspirations in order to flesh out my characters and canon. I'm glad that you enjoy what sneaks out of my imagination... :D

Your giggle is totally awesome....we literally could not do the Teeva project with out it. Here's hoping that you have even more giggles in the future. :D


2014-10-24 14:16:47

Thanks for all your positivity and support. I really appreciate it. The world is full of people who want to tear art down, so we have to stick together!