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Yenny 10-Second Demo Yenny 10-Second Demo

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

As a hardcore fan of Yenny and her web comic series, I can say I'm very pleased with how this demo has come out. Though very simple, this embraces the "vision" that I believe Yenny's creator has in terms of having his characters to be as fluid and expressive as possible, from the bright colors to the cartoonish body movements. These few animated seconds have it all!

Very nicely done, my friend. I'm super glad Dave Alvarez chose you to do this!

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Princess Teeva Tickled Princess Teeva Tickled

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Hey LisVender!

Made an account here to enjoy your stuff here...

I'm very glad that we were able have Princess Teeva be in one of your beautifully smooth animations. It was totally fun to be a part of this project along with Jenni Nexus providing her lovely laughter. This animation was everything I could hope for... the portrayal of my character... fluid movement and expressive reactions, and very intense tickle activity. You did it all excellently.

I hope everyone who is seeing this for the first time finds enjoyment out of it too.

I can't wait to do this kind of project with you again some day. ;)

Stay awesome, my friend!

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LisVender responds:

Thanks! I'll add you as a contributor to this project.